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GWE2021 speakers

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Dr. Rana Al-Falaki

Light Changes Coaching

As an ultimate performance strategist, Dr Rana Al-Falaki helps professional women and business owners shift from wanting to being using a powerful core-energy release process so that they can enjoy greater success and satisfaction in every aspect of their lives. She is a multi-award winning leader in her field, an international speaker and trainer, pioneering researcher, a core-energy coach and energy leadership master practitioner, and best-selling author of several books including #1 international bestseller Women Who Want More: How To Create a Balanced & Fulfilled Life. She is the founder of Light Changes Coaching and host of the video and podcast series Be Free, Be Fun, Be Fearless.
How self-image is the key to your success
EQ Leadership Coach

Maria Andreasson-Medina

Meddin Coach - EQ Leadership Coach

A mindset coach with a purpose to help entrepreneurs to step in to their power to achieve their success. By understanding how the mindset works and to create a new self-image anyone can step in to their greatness. Maria is also a Proctor Gallagher consultant that works along in Bob Proctors consulting team.
Founder & Global Director

Veronica Andrino


Founder , Global Director, Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Key Note Speaker
Founder & Global Director

Sivalee Anantachart

Dr. Aftab Ara

Dr. Aftab Ara is an aspiring Educationalist who loves research and teaching and uplift people to ideas so they can unlock potential and achieve the impossible. She has worked across multiple disciplines in colleges and universities in India and the Middle East.
CEO, Founder

Anne Bourke

CEO, Founder

Bernie Davies

Bernie Davies is a Speaker, Trainer, Bestselling Author, Coach and Business Strategist, with an outstanding legal career in property who has now dedicated herself to helping businesses to network and market effectively. Her current Bestseller Your Business Your Way, topped the Amazon New Releases in all its 3 categories and is an overall Amazon Bestseller.
Changing your mind and changing world
Founder & CMO

Ms. Phumza Dyani

Founder of the Pan African Network for Investment and Development (PANfID), and a partner in the Southern African region for the Regional Consortium of Experts for Development (RCD Africa).
Co Founder

Rebeca Fernández

Rebeca is on a mission to spread high tech blockchain solutions that close the Gender Gap by 2030. She is innovative by offering tools to measure & solve gender injustice. Injustice causes deep inefficient and unsustainable inefficient working environments. She is the Co-founder of Human Capital Blockchain, which is an organisation that is helping to solve the gender gap by using Blockchain technology and CEO and founder of Golden Human Capital.

Tasha Fletcher


Changing How We Think About Partner Abuse

Suzanne Freyjadis

Soft Landing Society

After leaving her abusive husband in 2018, Suzanne realized that there is an incredible lack of practical, useful, directive support for women leaving abuse. Because she had developed games to help her leave her husband, Suzanne decided to start Soft Landing Society where we are creating interactive solutions to help women leave abuse & support them after they leave.
Changing your mind and changing world
CEO- Founder

Jillian Godsil


Blockchain Advocate, Founder, Conference Chair, Women in Blockchain Advocate, Keynote Speaker, Crypto Journalist, Broadcaster, CEO, Writer, Homelessness Advocate, Former European Parliament Candidate, Law Changer, Artist, Mother, Choir Member, Hill Walker, Dreamer
Blockchain in Telecommunication
Blockchain Developer, Mentor

Eman Herawy

Eman Herawy is an expert blockchain developer who is deeply involved in the blockchain domain. She is a Devcon V scholar alumni at Ethereum Foundation, Truffle University alumni, and got rewarded as one of the top ten in Devcon V in Osaka 2019 from the Ethereum Foundation. Herawy is blockchain mentor and reviewer at Udacity.
Changing your mind and changing world
Director &Adjunct Honorary Professor at Bond University

Dr. Liz Isenring

LINC Nutrition

Dr Liz is passionate about improving lives through evidence-based nutrition. Dr LIz is Director of LINC Nutrition, Adjunct Honorary Professor at Bond University, international speaker, author of over 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers and received over 4 million dollars in research support. She has been on the board of the Maggie Beer Foundation, Dietitian Connection, MASCC and AuSPEN. As a foodie, Dr Liz loves to help people improve their health, fitness, energy and vitality via the 3 pillars of MINDSET, MENU and MOVEMENT.

Brandee "Kurvy"J

Luxe Kurves

Brandee “Kurvy” J! Survivor, tenacious, and inspirational are words that do not even begin to describe her. From being physical, sexually, and mentally abused to overcoming suicide attempts and eating disorders, my warrior of a client, Brandee “Kurvy” J, has turned her pain into power by building a media empire on the grounds of loving your true-self, embracing your pain and being true to your story! Over the past 10 years, Brandee “Kurvy” J has made her mark in the world and in the lives of women through her work as CEO of Luxe Kurves Magazine, host of the Brandee J Talk Show, creator of New York Fashion Week Plus and so much more! Her personal and magazine Instagram pages total over 35,000 followers with a total reach audience of over 300,000! Brandee J continues to inspire others with her story and passion for journalism, entrepreneurship and self love every day. We would love to have Brandee J come to your campus as a guest speaker to discuss building your own empire and turning your pain into power!
Building a creative society
Global Goodwill Ambassador

Olga Kovtun

Creative Society

Global Goodwill Ambassador

Building a creative society and how it starts with us. How to start acting and not listen to negative thoughts.

Women as Agents of Change in a Digitally Transformed world.

Pretty Kubyane

Coronet Blockchain

My management consulting focus across a 7 year window ushered me into an industry disruption through the Co-Founding of Coronet Blockchain: a Supply chain solution geared to transform Africa's 100 billion ZAR a year human hair extensions sector.
Changing your mind and changing world
Founder & TEDx Speaker, Coach

Ela Staniak Leaupepe

Feminine Leaders

Founder of Feminine Leaders. Female Performance & Leadership Coaching We help female CEOs, Executives & Business owners to create High-Calibre Performance & Confidence Through The 7-Step Self-Leadership System. Ranked top 8 Women’s Leadership businesses in NSW & ACT in Australia. Diversity & Inclusion TEDx Speaker
4x Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist

Jill Lublin

Amy Wieam Mahmoud

Chanel Marshall

Blockchain in Telecommunication .
Co founder/Regional Director,

Francisca Nwafor

Francisca is the Founder & CEO MFtech and Coinratecap. She’s a software developer and blockchain enthusiast. Her company specializes on rendering blockchain services & web solutions.

Co- Founder

Maria Corazon Ocampo

Ellen Perez

Changing your mind and changing world
Human Value Optimisation Specialist

Ms. Susan Popoola

Mosaic World

Susan Popoola runs Mosaic Fusions Ltd, a Business and Talent Development Support organisation which works with organisations to develop highly productive and fulfilling workplaces that reflect the rich diversity of society.
PhD Researcher, Associate at Peral Hill Advisors

Manal Rifki

PhD Researcher, Associate at Peral Hill Advisors

Manal Rifki

Coach - Founder

Anita Sonya

Anita Sonya is a High Performance Transformational coach who helps high motivated individuals who want to transform themselves to be high performers to break through barriers to reach their top potential.

Her passion in traveling giving her so much insights how people are influenced a lot by their environment to stay as novice during their adversities. This is how she finds that people need to change completely to leave their own patterns to reach their goals.
CEO / Founder, TEDx Public Speaker

Lotta Spjut

LS Mind Your Buziness

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working with leadership. ICF Pro Executive Coach, coaching CEO´s in different businesses. Degree in personal training and nutrition. Worked and educated people in health, nutrition and fitness industry and my main business over the last decades, as a Professional Networker and Global trainer and speaker, also as a TEDx speaker.

Forgiveness – the power of forgiveness, and the freedom this brings.
Motivational Speaker

Ms. Emma Jane Taylor

The Works Company

Wellbeing speaker and motivational self-help expert known as 'The Inspirational Mentor', Emma-Jane Taylor is a fascinating speaker for corporate events, private functions and after dinner talks with over twenty-five years in business.
Co-Founder and COO

Leah Tinoco

Income Builders Empire

Leah Tinoco is a Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Museigen Training Academy, Inc. (Under the brand name Income Builders Empire - the Philippine's Logical Choice in Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing). Aspiring Life Coach, concentrating on People Empowerment, An entrepreneur, Vlogger, & Painter
: Data Revolution: A New Frontier
Cofounder/Regional Director,

Faith Titus

W.A Global Ventures I Blockchain Nigeria User Group

Faith is a Multidisciplined career with fusion of cryptocurrency and blockchain Tech seasonality mastermind professional, speaker, trainer and business entrepreneur with a demonstrated job career history of over 14 years both in government and private sector's ICT/Finance/Business development and management executives departments.


Faith Titus

W.A Global Ventures I Blockchain Nigeria User Group

As President of RegTech Canada she understands that regulations and technology will be overhauling our everyday activities especially within the SME’s ecosystems as they discover how to expand in the digital international space. With Covid-19 being the pandemic that changes the ways we work in businesses, regulations will be at a crossroads as technology is now entering general homes as opposed to centering their networks in commercial buildings.

Changing your mind and changing worldHealing Emotional Scars With A Powerful Mindset.
Financial Wealth Coach

Christiana Tudor

a successful social media, financial and wealth coach whose goal is to empower women of any income level to start and scale their business to the next level through effective branding, storytelling and social media coaching. She incorporates mindset coaching within her programs and helps her clients break out of old patterns, transition into a healthier emotional state, and shift into positive thinking.

Ana Tutova



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Global Virtual Event for women all across the globe to learn, exchange ideas, and bridge connections aimed to empower the next generation of female leaders. This 3-day virtual event is centered on collaborative creativity, bringing together a multinational panel of speakers to talk about digitalization and emerging technologies (startups, technology, innovators/disruptors, Blockchain, crypto) aiding in Covid-19 resiliency and agility (corporate/enterprise, business services, healthcare, education, art) in leading female-owned organization.